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Главная. Fito Product - элитные растительные масла.

On these pages you will find lots of useful information on natural oils, their unusual properties, methods of production and use in cooking. There are hundreds of delicious recipes from around the world, as well as recommendations for the use of vegetable oils in cosmetics and for the treatment of various diseases.

Nowadays there are a lot of discussions about the fact that some fats are remarkably useful, while others are extremely harmful. We are called to completely abandon some in favor of other products, and to continuously reduce cholesterol ... But do not go to extremes and refuse your favorite dishes. Interesting fact is that food should be varied. But most importantly - it must be natural!

Unfortunately, most of us consume foods contain a lot of artificial man-made trans fat, or as they are also called, hydrogenated fats (cakes and other confectionery sweets, chips, etc.). These fats are found exceptionally harmful to our body by dietitians, and leads to numerous diseases - heart attacks, diabetes and so forth.

On the second place is animal, or saturated fats (meat, seafood, dairy products, chicken skin and egg yolk). A small number of them we need, so you cannot give them up completely. But when they are consumed in huge portions they cause the embolism, high cholesterol, and as a consequence, the disease of cardiovascular system.

And finally, the most useful group of fats - unsaturated fats. These are vegetable oils derived from nuts, seeds and pulp of vegetables and fruits. With constant use, they are able to reduce cholesterol, cure many chronic diseases and feed the body with vitamins, especially vitamin E. These fats are wonderful natural antioxidants, which slow down the aging process. But all of these properties are unique to unrefined oils, and the maximum concentration of nutrients in the cold-pressed oils.