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Vegetable oils in cooking

Seasoning or flavoring salad simple pasta for a celebratory cake, we invariably are drawn over a bottle of scented liquid - oil. Olive in Italy, in Japan rice or corn in Mexico, the oil used in the kitchens of various countries and in almost all dishes. On some varieties of fried meat and vegetables, and other seasoned salads and sauces, desserts and flavored third and confectionery.

Cooked in vegetable oils, food excellent taste but also very useful because it does not cause obesity and clogging of blood vessels, and in some cases even helps to lose weight. Therefore, choosing unrefined vegetable oils, we clean your body, improve the condition of internal organs and changes in appearance.

In different parts of the world's culinary preference for different grades of oils, have traditionally generated in the region. Where once we used only local varieties that are available on the market today, even the most exotic and little-known types of oils, such as, for example, macadamia oil, or Brazil nuts. This diversity provides an opportunity to experiment with the already familiar dishes and to develop new world-famous and popular recipes at home.

That oil is not spoiled, but some varieties have very little shelf life and retains all its beneficial properties, it should be kept in the refrigerator in a dark container. This will bring the taste bitter, most likely, says that the oil has grown old and is not suitable for cooking, not including some with natural bitterness, oils such as olive or flax. So before you throw out questionable oil, it is desirable to clarify, is not bitter just a hint of spicy, inherent in this type of oil.

Vegetable oils in cosmetics

Did you know that almost all cosmetics are composed of vegetable oils? Soaps and shampoos, tonics, and emulsions, lipsticks and creams - the production of each of them used one or another vegetable oil. And precisely because of oils and their derivatives, our skin becomes soft and the hair - smooth and shiny.

Vegetable oils in cosmetics perform several functions: are the "travel" into the deeper layers of the skin for other components, the skin is saturated in the oil useful substances - vitamins and minerals, mono-and polyunsaturated fatty acids, repair damaged skin and hair structure, and more more. Knowing about these unique qualities of vegetable oils can not only enrich the store-bought cosmetics, but also create their own home makeup, perfectly suitable to you and do not cause allergic reactions.

The most common cosmetic recipes with vegetable oils - it's all sorts of masks for skin and hair, massage blends with essential oils and just pure oil, warmed in a water bath until the desired temperature. For the preparation of more complex compositions, such as cream or homemade soap, you need ingredients that are sold in pharmacies and specialized products for the home offering cosmetic stores. But even conventional oil mask deposited on the tired skin or have lost their luster hair, it's nice you'll be amazed as their result.

Unrefined oils - this ambulance for many cosmetic problems from diathesis in infants and ending with senile pigment spots. For each age group recommended certain types of oils and recipes are appropriate for use. And in the summer holidays, trips to the country, sea, or camping trips, hidden in the back pocket of a backpack, a small bottle of oil can help in solving various problems. The sea will keep hair from burning, and skin from sunburn, and relieve sunburn will increase redness. In the country - to protect hands from coarsening at work in the garden, and children from insect bites. In the campaign - moisturize weathered skin, chapped lips soften and save you from freezing in the bitter cold.

Vegetable oils in medicine

Traditional medicine, in contrast to the official, the good that uses its arsenal of natural remedies only for the most part have no contraindications and side effects. Again, do not be afraid of counterfeit products - well, how can you fake bark or oak leaves of dandelion? And one of the most popular means of traditional medicine is unrefined vegetable oils, which are used both in pure form or mixed with other therapeutic ingredients.

The most common method of treating vegetable oils - a treatment from the inside. That is, the oil consumed in accordance with individual guidance received from experienced professionals. Therefore we cannot blindly follow the general instructions like "take on an empty stomach and 1 teaspoon for 10 days" - it is possible that such a dosage you simply do not fit. At best, you will not get the desired result, at worst - harmful to the body and will earn another disease.

Vegetable oils topically treated with various skin lesions - burns, eczema, ulcers, and frostbite, as well as the mucous membranes of the respiratory, urinary, reproductive and digestive systems. If, for example, you tortured bleeding gums problem, try to make the relevant applications of a mixture of vegetable and essential oils - after a while will strengthen the gums and bad breath will go away. Now you can kiss, do not hesitate!
Unrefined vegetable oils - these are the true dietary supplements, dietary supplements, in the best sense of the word. With daily use, they not only treat but also prevent the appearance of many ages, as well as due to unhealthy urban environment, diseases - multiple sclerosis, obesity, gastritis, impotence, and so on. So instead of eating tons of pills and purchase the widely advertised, but it is unknown from which produced, dietary supplements, it is better to switch to organic unrefined cold-pressed vegetable oils that carry all the positive healing energy of plants.

The usage of dietary vegetable oils: